The Research Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) is a program for promoting innovative opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research at the University of Connecticut. The goal of the program is to serve the undergraduate community in such a way as to create synergy with numerous exciting developments at UConn including Next Generation Connecticut, the Brain Imaging Research Center, and the Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

RISE is an internship-based program that provides summer research assistants with the opportunity to learn about many aspects of the research process in a hands-on, immersive laboratory environment. Fifteen laboratories participated in the 2017 cycle, spanning three academic departments, a number that we anticipate will grow for 2018. Most participating laboratories are affiliated with the Cognitive Science Program and the Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

RISE scholars will be assigned to a specific laboratory and will receive close mentorship by faculty and graduate students. Specific research assignments will vary across laboratories, with RISE scholars collectively engaged in numerous aspects of research including recruiting participants, testing children and adults in behavioral and neuroimaging tasks, assisting in research with animal models, analyzing data, and interpreting results.  RISE scholars will also participate in guided readings of the relevant research literature, attend laboratory meetings, and be invited to attend a workshop on applying to graduate schools (led by faculty and current graduate students).

Students will receive course credit for participation.  To receive course credit, students enroll in 3 credits of research-based independent study during the UConn summer session (estimated tuition/fees cost = $1596) and then complete 150 hours of laboratory experience. Students will set their own schedules, which are highly flexible. For example, a student may choose to complete their experience with full-time engagement for 4 weeks, or may choose instead to participate approximately 10 hours per week for 15 weeks.

Students can choose which section of independent study to enroll in (i.e., COGS 3589, SLHS 3299, PSYC 3889, or LING 3789) in order to maximize the RISE experience as part of their major/minor requirements. For example, SLHS majors might choose to enroll in COGS 3589 so that RISE counts towards the “related” credits of the SLHS major; likewise, PSYC majors might choose to enroll in SLHS 3589 so that RISE counts towards the “related” credits of the PSYC major.

Students are responsible for tuition/fees and any associated costs (e.g., housing) of RISE participation. Registration procedures will follow those outlined on the UConn summer session website, which specifies dates for payments, the drop/add period, and refund policies. The deadline to drop for 100% refund for Summer Session 2 is July 13, 2018.

Students should submit the RISE 2018 inquiry form by Friday, April 20 to be considered. Review of submissions will begin on Monday, April 9. Questions regarding the RISE program can be directed to Dr. Rachel M. Theodore (

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