RISE Logistics

This page serves as a resource for RISE Scholars before, during, and after their time in the program. Questions regarding the mechanics of the RISE program from participating students and other members of the broader community should be directed to Dr. Rachel M. Theodore.

Note that dates shown below reflect those relevant to the 2017 cycle; updated dates for the 2018 cycle will be provided soon.

Hit the Ground Running

Select course

Refer to the your notification e-mail to view which sections of independent study are available in your particular lab. Send Dr. Theodore an e-mail to indicate which one of these sections you would like to enroll in. She will arrange to have a permission number issued to you for that section. Please complete this by Sunday, April 9.


Send an e-mail to your RISE mentor providing a brief introduction and confirm your tentative schedule for the summer.


Send Dr. Theodore a picture if you would like it to be included with your name on the RISE website.

CITI training

In order to be involved in data collection with humans subjects, RISE Scholars need to be added to our IRB protocols, which requires completing a short online course in research ethics. It can take some time for us to get our protocols amended, so we ask that you complete this by Friday, April 21.

The program you need to complete is the CITI training (information here) in human subjects research. Be sure to make your CITI account using your UConn e-mail address. You need to complete the “Group 2 Basic Social and Behavioral Science Course.” Once you are done, send your PI and Dr. Theodore a copy your completion report (in PDF format). Here is an example of a CITI completion report; make sure that your course includes all of these modules. Keep track of the time it takes to complete this, as it counts towards your RISE hours. If you have already completed the CITI course for another lab, then you do not need to do it again – simply send a copy of your completion report to your PI and Dr. Theodore.

MRI safety training

Many of you will be involved in MRI research and/or be using the BIRC space and thus need to complete the online MRI safety training course. This link will only work if you are on the UConn network; if you want to complete this off-campus, then first log in to the UConn VPN and then open the link. Even if you aren’t going to be in this facility, it’s a good thing for you to know about. When you are done, send a screen shot of your final score to your PI and Dr. Theodore. Please complete this by Friday, April 21. Again, keep track of the time you spend completing this so that you can apply those hours to the RISE total.


Register for 3 credits of independent study (according to your preferred section and using the permission number that was issued to you) for the Summer Session 1 term by Monday, April 24. All scholars will register for the Summer Session 1 term regardless of when they will complete their RISE hours. If you complete them in this session, then your grade will be issued at the end of June. If you do not complete them until later in the summer, then you will receive an “I” (Incomplete) at the end of June, which will be changed to your final grade once you complete all RISE hours.


Plan on attending the RISE orientation on Friday, April 28, at 3 PM (Location TBD).

Making the Most of your RISE Experience

Your lab PI will be guiding your time during the RISE program and will be the person that you report to and work with on a regular basis.

You are responsible for keeping track of your completion hours using the RISE Log template. Once you download this file, save a copy of it, replacing “LASTNAME” with your last name. There are columns created for you to log your hours on a daily basis; the form will automatically update to keep a running total of your complete hours and those remaining.

In order to foster engagement across RISE participants, there will two joint events this summer, including a final reception complete with a “data blitz” at the end of the summer. The dates for these events will be posted soon.

RISE Completion

Submit log

Following the completion of your RISE experience, send a copy of your RISE Log to your PI and Dr. Theodore.

Exit survey

Complete the online RISE exit survey, which will provide an opportunity for you to share your feedback on the RISE program. [Link to be provided.]

Present your research

All RISE Scholars are encourage to consult with their PIs about the possibility of submitting a poster presentation to the fall meeting of the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research exhibition, which is sponsored by the UConn Office for Undergraduate Research. This is a great forum for learning about the exciting research projects that are conducted at UConn and for presenting your own contributions to scientific discovery!

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